Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Miss Independent

Well, it's official... my itty bitty baby girl is growing up!  It started with rolling over (and off the bed a couple of times), then on to sitting up... now she is crawling and pulling up to EVERYTHING she can reach.  Yesterday she just about let go of what she had pulled up to and stood alone.  Its going by too fast!  

I struggle within myself between wanting to put her in a protective bubble and wanting her to learn that it is okay to to explore.  How do you find that perfect balance as a parent?  My little queen is definitely of the independent variety... she insists on feeding herself now and has decided that she is too big to eat baby food most of the time.  Guess that means I will be cooking now...

I enjoy every moment... every giggle and smile... 

I do need prayers as she grows up though... I am still considering the two of us joining the convent before she turns four.

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